Open Contract - "Science as a Wiki"



OpenContract: the wiki-based monte carlo muscle microphysiology simulator.  Ahem.  If you don't like something, all you have to do is fix it.


This site is for you research muscles, if you're a physicist, computer scientist, neuroscientist, anatomist, just interested

or of if you have no freak'in clue about bio but you rock at MATLAB.


Discussion of OpenContract on Community wiki

Read this to get a discussion of where OpenContract is going and how is can help you with muscle simulations and how to contribute via your expertise.


Declaration of Independence of Myosin II  (Down with the myosin monarchy!) 

Read this for list of grievances against hand waving about muscle contraction and declaration of OpenContract via "free and independent states" of myosin

(Interspersed version if you're not familiar with the historical document)


OpenContract: A joint project of physics, neuroscience, computer science, and medical researchers at

Washington and Lee University, University of Pittsburgh, and University of Texas at San Antonio Medical School.


last updated 11/8/05.  code will be loaded before SFN, wiki should be up this weekend, with stubs before SFN

...well, you can see the above didn't happen, but we're working on it...